Our Loess Hills staff is dedicated to helping create a permanent memorial where family members and friends can connect with their loved one for generations.  Whether you choose a cremation or traditional burial disposition, we can work with you to build a permanent memorial that is as unique as the life lived of your loved one.

In today’s society, families who choose cremation often spread the cremation remains at a special location of the deceased.  This may be at a beach, at sea or at a local lake.  The challenge with this practice is that there is no permanent location for great-grandchildren and future generations to come to connect with their ascendants.  Further, a permanent memorial provides a place of comfort for friends and family to visit during the healing process.

There are more permanent memorial options today than ever.  From traditional granite monuments to modern glass memorials and bird baths, we will work with you to build the perfect memorial.

Selecting a memorial can be done at anytime.  In fact, more families are choosing to select their memorial during the pre-need arrangement process.  If you are interested in choosing a permanent memorial, please contact us and we would love to assist you.

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